About us!

Our History

TGW Distribution Ltd has been around in the industry since 2011, Previously known as 'The Growers Wholesale' we are the UK's top horticulture equipment wholesaler & distributor. Bringing innovating products and expertise throughout the industry. we have now re-branded, same company, same people, different name.

Our Products

We stock everything you'll need, from nutrients to grow lighting, we have it! We also stock exclusive products only distributed by us such as British Organic Bio, our all Organic, British Made nutrient line. We stock famous products from across the globe, such as Future Harvest in Canada, Emerald Harvest in the USA and CANNA Nutrients.

At TGW Distribution, our team is what makes the dream work. All of our departments work together, from our accounts team to our dedicated account managers on the road. Whether you need product help or assistance with your orders, you can expect only the best with our experienced & dedicated team at TGW Distribution Ltd.

Our Focus

Our main focus is to ensure your sucess. We do this by making sure we supply only the highest quality products and products that we ourselves believe in. We will share our experience and knowledge with you as well as all of our marketing materials to push your store with our products. We are the people's choice, and there's a reason for it.