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Why grow using organic nutrients?

With a high amount of synthetic nutrient ranges in today’s market for home growing providing high yields for your crops, what is the appeal of growing with organic nutrients? We run through the various benefits of growing your plants, vegetables & fruits with our British made, organic nutrients.

Benefit 1 – Organically grown food is more nutritious.

Food is more nutritious grown with organic nutrients.
Organically Grown Fruit & Veg

Whilst synthetic based nutrient ranges can provide you with a high yield, the nutrition value is no match for crops grown using organic methods. According to the British Journal of Nutrition (BJN), a recently published study found organic fruits, vegetables & grains have several nutritional benefits over conventionally grown crops. Analysing 343 peer-reviewed publications, the research found that organics contain 18 to 69 percent higher concentrations of antioxidants. This equates to approximately two extra portions in antioxidants without altering food intake.

Our organic nutrient range uses all natural resources that do not contain any chemical pesticides, without these pesticides an organically grown plant will produce more of its own compounds, called antioxidants to fight damage & disease. When these vegetables or fruits are consumed, the antioxidants also protect our bodies from harm.

Benefit 2 – Organic food tastes better.

organic nutrients makes your food taste  better.
Organically Grown Fruit & Veg

Whilst there are no formal studies that have been conducted to either prove or disprove this (As that study would be based on the subjective opinion of the researchers) However, according to foodservicedirector.com there is strong anecdotal evidence favouring the flavour of organically grown foods. “Many food experts and chefs actually do believe that organic foods tend to taste better. The food experts give credit to the soil care practiced by organic farmers.”

“Many food experts and chefs actually do believe that organic foods tent to taste better”.

Good nourishment of the soil leads to well-nourished plants, leading to yields with high nutritional value & optimal taste. Again, British organic nutrients utilise only the finest, natural resources to create their products. You will be able to taste these values in your crops.

Benefit 3 – Organic nutrients are better for the environment.

organic nutrients and the environment.
Organically Grown Fruit & Veg

Organic plant fertilizers feed soil biology, they do so by providing bioavailable nutrients and a good amount of organic carbon complex nitrogenous compounds that ‘saprotrophic’ microbes and micro-organisms can feed off. In contrast to synthetic fertilizers, that often contain compounds that actively kill soil organisms. Substances routinely found in synthetic fertilisers that are extremely toxic to soil biology include copper sulphate, urea formaldehyde (methylene urea), nitric acid, zinc sulphate, and iron sulphate.

The use of organic fertilizers with their more complex nutrient molecules that cling to the soil will also lead to less groundwater pollution. The run through of synthetic fertilizers from top soil can enter downstream water bodies like streams, lakes, rivers and coastal waterways. This in turn leads to eutrophication. Eutrophication can lead to algal blooms which starve water bodies of oxygen and leads to a catastrophic decimation of the animal life in these habitats.

Benefit 4 – Organic Nutrients & fertilisers are less hazardous.

organic nutrients & fertilisers
Organically Grown Fruit & Veg

Organic fertilisers are less hazardous for users. If you simply check the hazard symbols on the side of a bottle of conventional fertilizer, and compare these with those (or lack of them) on organic fertilizer bottles, you will see that the hazards from chemicals is far lower. Yes, you will still see some hazard symbols and hazard phrases on the safety data sheets of organic fertilizers, but they are, more often than not, nowhere near as severe as those found on synthetic fertilizers.

In conclusion, if you are looking for healthy, tasty, nutritious fruits & vegetables, growing organically is the method you should choose. Taking into consideration these factors in comparison to using normal synthetic nutrients.

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