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About the products – British Organic Bio

Organic Nutrients & Supplements for high-quality organic gardens.

Each British Organic Bio product is uniquely formulated to ensure organic growers can achieve quality and tastes to surpass that of conventional inorganic inputs.

There are two base nutrients in the British Organic Bio Nutrient line;

British Organic Bio Base Nutrients

Carbon Base & Fish Base Nutrient 1L


Fish Base is a unique product that uses sustainably sourced fish biomass to create a balanced organic feed for plant growth. It’s created using a patented process for hydrolysing the skeleton and muscle of fish caught in the Atlantic Ocean.

Fish Base provides the elemental base nutrients required for a fast and healthy crop. It also provides biochemicals found in the hydrolysed fish protein that will stimulate extra growth; this includes bioactive compounds such as amino acids.

Fish Base is extremely concentrated and not watered down; this is evident by its viscous properties and high density.


Carbon Base is a nutrient and energy source for both your plants and the beneficial microbes that are essential for successful growth in organic crops.

The carbon-based nutrition in this product is the foundation of strong resilient growth, the likes of which organic farming is renowned for.

The nutritional composition of Carbon Base perfectly complements those found in Fish Base. We recommend using both products to provide a comprehensive fertilizer regime both in vegetative and flowering phases of plant growth.

British Organic Bio Supplements.


Then there is our Organic Boost, the only organic triacontanol boost on the market! This means no synthetic solvents, which are toxic to plants.

The Triacontanol in Organic Boost is a natural extract of beeswax that has repeatedly been shown to boost photosynthesis by both academic scientists and commercial growers of high-value crops. However, liquids containing triacontanol rely on solvents and surfactants to produce a stable product. These synthetic chemicals are not allowed under organic certification schemes for use in organic farming. B.O.B. Organic Boost is different. It is created using only materials allowed under organic certification processes and by a unique process to produce a stable product.

This method is so successful that we can offer a 0.2% solution, widely

 considered to be ’super strength’ for a triacontanol-based product.


The second additive is the Organic Microbes. 

 Unlike conventional fertilizers, organic fertilizers contain complex and long nutrient molecules. These need to be broken down in the growing medium/soil before they can be taken up by plant roots. The breaking down of these large nutrient molecules is undertaken by beneficial microbes feeding off the fertilizer and compounds exuded by the plant roots to feed them. As a result, ensuring that there is a large population of beneficial microbes in the growing media is essential in organic farming. Bacteria optimized for this task are provided in very high numbers in B.O.B. Organic Microbes.

In addition to solubilizing nutrients, the plant growth-promoting bacteria in Organic Microbes will also protect against environmental stress (heat, cold, drought, over-watering etc). They can also help the plant resist attacks by pathogens and pests.

Organic Microbes contain a range of species and strains of beneficial microbes to ensure that there is a strain suitable for your specific growing conditions and plant variety.


The only Organic Soluble Silica Source.

Organic growers can finally utilize the powers of silicon in their grow thanks to B.O.B. unique breakthrough in organic nutrient technology. Sea-Silica is produced via a unique process that allows for seaweed bioactives to be co-extracted with silica content.

Until now organically grown crops have not been able to access silicon supplements. This was a major problem because silicon is needed for plant defence; silicon produces strong cell walls that resist pests, diseases, and environmental stress. With organic growers not using conventional pesticides, this meant that often crops could be completely wiped out by problems that could otherwise have been tolerated if silicon was available. Thus organic growers using Sea-Silica now have access to a new weapon in their Integrated Pest Management (IPM).

Sea-Silica will break down into mono-silicic acid when diluted into water. This will be absorbed by plant roots and moved to all tissues of the plant to form strong cell walls.

The seaweed bioactives in Sea-Silica, including alginic acid and sulphinated fucans, will further improve plant defence, by acting as elicitors of plant defence receptors. The mannitol from the seaweed will assist the plant in absorbing the key micronutrient boron, and also act as a natural antioxidant.

Furthermore, Sea-Silica can be used as an organic ‘pH Up’ to control the pH of your feed solution.


Organic Calmag plus ample levels of magnesium.

Getting a soluble form of calcium and magnesium for organic growing is tough. A lot of the products on sale for conventional growers are based on synthetic chemicals and chelates. Plus, most of the organic calcium products are insoluble powders (e.g. lime and gypsum). Organic Cal-Mag utilizes a unique manufacturing process to combine organically approved ingredients into one fully soluble liquid product.

Why does Organic Cal-Mag have a pink hue?

Organic sources of calcium and magnesium always have a pink colour (see the Dolomite Mountains as a great example!). Organic Cal-Mag products that are white invariably contain no magnesium. This can lead to chlorosis due to a lack of magnesium in the product. Furthermore, any calcium in the product then goes on to interfere with the uptake and use of magnesium from the base feed. For this reason, we ensure that Organic Cal-Mag has ample levels of magnesium in it, thus giving the pink hue.

Why such a low dose rate?

 We use only the finest organic starting materials and provide a true analysis of the actual nutritional content. Give the bottle a shake and see how thick and viscous the product is; it is packed full of calcium and magnesium. As a result, you do not need to apply much to get massive gains in yield and quality in your crop.


British Organic Bio also provides an Organic pH Down for organic growers. The control of pH in organic feeds can be a tricky business. Some organic fertilizers can be outside of the sweet spot for plant growth (pH 5.5-6.5). Plus the vast majority of pH control products on the market are not compatible with organic cultivation. Most pH Down products are based on phosphoric acid and pH Up products on potassium hydroxide. B.O.B pH Down is different, it is based on organic acids, which are allowed under organic certification schemes.

So use Organic pH Down to lower your pH and, if you need to raise the pH of your feed solution use Sea-Silica, which will also add the silicon nutrition to your feed.

The organic acids in Organic pH Down have additional functions other than just reducing the feed pH. Once in the soil / growing media, the organic acids will help solubilize calcium, phosphorus and iron; all key nutrients that can get locked up in the growing media over a matter of weeks. The organic acids will also feed beneficial microbes by driving the Krebs metabolic cycle.

There are British Organic Bio Try it Kits available for purchase containing the Fish & Carbon Base feeds, and the additives Organic Boost & Organic Microbes. 

If you are looking for information on purchasing British Organic Bio, please refer to our store locator on our home page to find a stockist near you. If you are a store wanting to become a stockist, please get in touch with us or fill out an account form to get set up with us!

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