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New Product Line – British Organic Bio

British Organic Bio bottle
Carbon Base Nutrient 1L Bottle


British Organic Bio is a new and upcoming brand in the organic growing industry as of 2021’s Feedyourself Expo where the brand was unveiled by us, TGW Distribution Ltd.

The British Organic Bio Team

British Organic Bio was created by us to provide the highest quality organic products for growers, and to reduce the impact on the planet, for us and the growers who choose us.

British Organic Bio is unique to everything else on the market. Our technical team identified a suite of key technologies that were not being utilised in organic farming. These technologies are fully in line with organic regulations, and we have harnessed them in our products to ensure that organic growers can achieve quality and tastes that surpass growers using conventional inorganic inputs.

For example, British Organic Bio’s Organic Boost is the only organic Triacontanol boost on the market. This means no synthetic solvents, which are toxic to plants. The Sea-Silica product is the only silicon additive organically certified in the UK, which contains a unique seaweed extract that stimulates growth of the plant and beneficial microbes. The Organic Microbes product starts off over 1000 times more concentrated than many competitor products.

British Organic Bio is all British Made, meaning there is no need for importation, reducing our carbon footprint. It also cuts out any delays on transportation that would occur if our products were not bottled and branded in the UK.

The brand is already in stores across the UK, check out our store locator if you are looking for a retail store that stocks our organic nutrient line. If you are a store and want to become a stockist, please download and fill out the account application form on our contact page and follow instructions on the form.

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